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Temple History

Old Building

With a rich and unique history, the Sanatan Mandir is located in historic Tampa Heights. More than one hundred years ago, this historic site was established as a Jewish Temple. In 1989, it became a Hindu Temple. The two buildings on this site have been purchased by the Rattan Family and donated to be used as a Hindu temple. The main temple building was later demolished, and the smaller of the two buildings is currently used as the main Temple. The founding family has since then purchased and donated land immediately to the East, West and South side of the temple. The Sanatan Mandir is very unique in its location.

To the best of our knowledge, this is the only temple in the entire USA to be within approximately one mile of the city center and the mayor's office, as though destiny had meant our temple to be at the center of the city's activities. Further, Sanatan Mandir is less than a mile from the main bus station and 5 mile away from Tampa International Airport. A lot has changed in Tampa through more than 25 years of the temple's existence, but one fundamental has remained the same - it has remained a place of worship for more than a century, a vision of the founders of Hindu Samaj Inc. We are committed to keeping it the same way for all generations to come. The Temple is also blessed with 3 Sacred Trees to allow devotees to worship - the Neem Tree grown from the seeds from the Holy Tree in Shirdi, Bilva Tree and Peepal Tree.

Projects Timelines

  1. Ground Breaking
  2. Feb. 22nd 2014
  3. ShilaNayas
  4. April 5th,2014
  5. Estimated Completion
  6. Fall 2015

New Temple Features

  1. Size 10,600 square feet
  2. 5 Shikhars
  3. All existing deities and many more.
  4. Community Hall
  5. State of the art new audio visual system

New Temple Architecture

New Building Rendering

Mandir Construction Site