Our Priests
Pandit Manikya Sharma 
Pandit Rushi Vyas

Committee Members
 Chairman:   Dr. Rakesh K. Sharma
 Co-Chairs:   Mr. Dinesh Gandhi
  Mrs. Jigisha Desai
  Mrs. Smita Patel
 President:   Mr. Pankaj Patel
Chair, BoT:   Dr. Pawan Rattan 
Executive Assistant:   Mrs. Monika Sehra
Chair:   Mr. Vipan Kaushal
Co-Chairs:   Dr. Subhra Mohapatra
  Dr. Yashwant Pathak
  Mrs. Jigisha Desai
Pandit Manikya Sharma
Pandit Rushi Vyas
Public Relations
Chair:   Dr. Shyam Mohapatra
Co-Chairs:   Dr. Ramnath Rao
  Mr. Kanti Bakarania
Souvenir Booklet 
Chair:   Mr. Dinesh Gandhi
Co-Chairs:   Mrs. Nutan Kulkarni
  Dr. Veena Rattan
Chair:   Mr. Pankaj Patel
Chair:   Mr. P.D.Patel
Chair:   Mr. Chandrakant Patel


Committee Members

Chair:   Mrs. Jigisha Desai
 Co-Chairs:   Mrs. Rashmi Jakhotia
  Mr. Kiron Senapati
Chair:   Mr. Hitesh Adhia
Information Technology
Chair:    Mr. Amit Sehra
Plaques and Awards
Chair:   Dr. Pawan Rattan
Chair:   Mr. Ram Jakhotia
Project Management
Chair:   Mr. Sanjay Sharma
Co-Chairs:   Mr. Amit Sehra
Chair:   Dr. Kanchan Parasher
Co-Chairs:   Dr. Shyam Mohapatra
  Mr. Chandrakant Patel
Chair:   Mr. Mahesh Modha
Finance & Budget
Chair:  Mr. Kanti Bakarania
Chair:   Mr. Vijay Gandhi
Co-Chairs:   Mr. Dipak Shah

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