Dear Devotee,


On behalf of Prana Pratistha Committee, we cordially invite you and your family to Sanatan Mandir “Prana Pratistha Mahotsav”; the most auspicious religious ceremony and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You will have the opportunity to witness the consecration of the deities by the most qualified Hindu priests, by invoking the cosmic energy through sacred chants, puranic-based rituals, and scripturally enriched rites, thereby inviting the Divine power to enter into the Murti forever– a direct infusion of cosmic life-energy into a Murti. Once Prana Pratistha is completed, the Murti is transformed to an embodiment of a living GOD.


Mandir construct is in final phase of completion. As devotee of the Sanatan Mandir , you have final once in a life-time opportunity to sponsor a brick . For $1001, a Brick will be on the Wall for your children/grand children to see, You  can get a tax deduction for the donation (Sanatan mandir is a charitable 501C3 org).  This is very limited time opportunity. You  can pledge or pay  the amount of donation by using attached  form.  You can send check now or pay monthly. 


Please see attached flyer for more detail. Last date to send Brick sponsorship is Jan. 5th  , 2019 .


We, Board of Directors, construction committee, Prana Pratistha committee and all trustees are thanking you for your support. God Bless you and your family.


Best Regards


Sanatan Mandir BOD, Prana Pratistha committee


“A gift is pure when it is given from the heart to the right person at the right time and at the right place, and when we expect nothing in return. Give and You shall receive”. – Bhagabat Geet



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