Temple is a social organization.

Contact us for pujas, marriage  and  other services. You can reserve date and Time here.


Description:- Wedding can be performed in temple, home or any other locations. Temple priest will participate in multiple events during wedding. 

Duration :- 1 day or 2 day

Donations ( minimum) :-

 In Temple -- $251.00 ( 1day) $351.00 ( 2 days) 

 Within Tampa -- $351.00 ( 1day) $501.00 ( 2 days) 

 Outside Tampa -- $401.00 ( 1day) $551.00 ( 2 days) 

Items required :-

Description:- Temple and Kitchen will be available for any family function. Temple priest will be available if needed. 

Duration :- 4 hours or 1 day

Donations ( minimum) :-  $201.00 ( 4 hours) $351.00 ( 1 days) 

Temple Timings

Monday - Saturday : 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM

5:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Sunday : 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

4:00 PM - 8:00 PM

What Pooja you want to do and When? Please select Pooja then select the day and time for your reservation. You can scroll through the lists of available days and times to find the most suitable time for your reservation.
Please select Type of Pooja:
Community Hall

Temple provide various  services  for social and private events.   You can use community hall along with priest  and Kitchen for celebrating birthday and other events.   Since community hall is a  part  of temple.   So there is ban on serving   alcohol and non vegetarian  food during such events.   Events has to  be family events.   Since Temple is open for general public.   So Access to  temple for general public will always be open.    It will not be possible to use hall for private functions when temple has its own events.  


Rules for Temple and Priest Services
  • Availability of priest depends upon date/time and other factors
  • Temple ,Priest  or community hall will not be available if Temple has its own events
  • In case priest needs transportation for outside temple events, Event organizer needs to arrange it at its own cost.
  • Temple can provide limited set of items for usage during events or preparation.    Please check with Temple Manager for its availability and charges.
  • Temple volunteer can cook food on order. Please check with Temple manager for cost and menu.
  • Temple cannot provide volunteers for private events.   Organizers needs to arrange personal services for private events.
  • Parking space is available for everyone visiting temple.   So there is no reserved parking  for private events.


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